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Whatever the name of the show, Keith "Vyzygoth/Alaric" Hansen provides a no-nonsense approach to the topics that imapct our lives. From the Grassy Knoll, Beyond the Grassy Knoll, Vyzygoth Raw, and finally The Alembic Files, the topics are fleshed out without the Paytriot Idiot melodrama of certain big name hosts. No hysteria, no sale pitches for survival foods, no money bombs, just covering the topics that no one else has the balls to cover.



Gordon Comstock of Rejected Knowledge presents an array of topics that have greatly shaped the social conditions of this society but have gone unnoticed in the usual social conditioning institutions of education and the media. Are these works simply forgotten, or have they, as George Orwell put it, been "memory holed"? Place your bets on the later and find out why.




Virtually unheard of today, the Anti-Federalists provided powerful arguments in opposition to the reasoning advanced by their contemporaries, the Federalists, who supported the Constitution. Today's government—its size and power and emphasis on the executive branch—is an unfortunate testimony to the Anti-Federalists’ alarms.





A cornacopia of topics are covered in the collections section of Think Or Be Beaten (TOBB).

  • Learn about how the Jesuits played a part in the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • Real 911 researchers discuss the event that has brought us into the 'Orwellian Zone"
  • Will the real Constitution please stand up - The Informer reveals the "Founding Fraudsters"
  • Are we the new age Nazis?
  • Is what we know about our Solar System wrong?
  • A discussion about the television show Millenium
  • Learn about the true intentions of George Orwell
  • Rants and snippets with interesting guests


With the purchase of a collection, the proceeds go towards the upkeep costs of the site.


A tribute to the late Angie Reidel, webmaster for the site Think Or Be Eaten (TOBE).


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